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In this Blog, we will explore the island of Tinos! Let's learn a bit about the history of the island, the best places to visit and some interesting facts about the island!
The Ancient Times
During the ancient times, Tinos was known as Ophioussa (ophis, meaning snake in ancient Greek), because of the great number of snakes crawling on the soil of the island, and Ydroussa (hydria = water places) because of its abundant water. According to ancient Greek mythology, Poseidon, who was the island's protector, chased the snakes away from the island and that was the reason he was highly worshipped in Tinos. An important sanctuary of Poseidon was even dedicated to him on thenisland, whose ruins we can still visit today!
The Venetian Times
In 1207, Tinos was conquered by the Venetians. The Venetian rule lasted longer there than any of the other islands in the Cyclades and the Venetians managed to repulse the Turkish attacks with the help from the local Greek people. As a result, this was a chance for Tinos to flourish in agriculture, art, industry and more. At the time of the Turkish rule, Tinos was a town with many privileges. The abroad influence on the everyday life of the inhabitants gave Tinos the surname of Little Paris. Many inhabitants of Tinos went to found prosperous businesses in other places such as Constantinople, Smyrna, Alexandria, and Trieste. Until 1821, Tinos was the most populated island of the Cyclades and the economic capital of the group.
Tinos Today
Tinos is called the “island of Art and Beauty”, as it is full of architectural masterpieces. It was a religious centre since ancient times, when the Sanctuary of Poseidon made it the biggest pilgrimage destination for Greeks. Still, the faith and the religious aspects of the island continued through the centuries, until the present day, where more than 1000 churches have been erected all over the island!
The top places to visit in Tinos are Pyrgos village, a beautiful large village with great architecture and a long tradition in sculpture; Kardiani village, a picturesque little village with stunning views to the sea; Tinos Town, the main town of the island; Agios Sostis Beach, a beautiful natural beach near the main town of Tinos and Agios Ioannis Porto, a lovely long beach which is perfect for shallow swimming and scuba diving!

Our Tinos collection, inspired by the island's significant religious history.

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